Cenka Healing Salon
Organic and Natural



60 min $80

Experience the pure relaxation with an organic natural facial for all skin types. This facial will
regenerate cells and strengthens the skin's natural immune system.

Hot Springs Soft Peel


Hot springs soft peel is made with 10 different types of Japanese natural hot springs
minerals. Nutrient rich minerals gently remove dead skin cells and surface pollutants from a
skin by feather like strokes of the esthetician's hand. Treatment will improves smoothness of
surface texture, skin respiration, moisture absorption, cellular renewal, blood circulation, and

Body Massage

60 min $60
90 min $90

Relax your body, unwind your mind, and slip into tranquility with this therapeutic full body
massage. Massage will be customized to each client with technique of Swedish, lymphatic,
deep tissue, or mixture of all. Pregnant woman can received massage from 14 weeks of

Facial & Body Massage Combination

90 min $100
120 min $130

Reveal a new glow to a facial skin, relieve a body stress, and surrender to a healing warmth
of relaxation with just one treatment. Sink into deep relaxation world of sanctuary. You will
leave refreshed, relaxed, and completely pampered.

*Aromatherapy is complimentary with any treatment.


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